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Why Keeping Your Body In Motion Is A Must

By Mary Simms

It’s a simple law of physics. Objects in motion tend to stay in motion. Objects at rest tend to stay at rest.

I’ve found that Newton’s first law of physics is unexpectedly applicable to my self-care life. If I don’t keep it moving when it comes to exercise, I stay at rest. Carla’s relaxing and restorative meditative yoga classes; Priya’s incredible booty-shaking hip-hop classes; even Killer Kandyce making me feel the burn on the barre — it’s all become one of the favorite parts of my self-care routine. These classes send me to a happy space that leaves me feeling energized and ready to take on my day.

My first class at BARREbeat happened to be hip hop. It was unexpected, and I fell in love. My kids enjoyed the child play center while mommy got her workout on letting loose, dancing in the dark. It was amazing and I felt free, refreshed and phenomenal after that first class. But in spite of my experience — and the fact that I had pre-paid for a 10-class pack — in spite of the fact that I absolutely LOVED the class, I let my busy schedule interfere and didn’t go back right away. I wasn’t making excursive a priority, and so, I stayed at rest.

Confession alert: In the past, keeping my gym-memberships on auto-pay made me feel less guilty when I didn’t use them! I had been guilty of this for years. Find a new exercise routine, start strong — get bored. Stop. Rinse. Repeat 6 months later. It was a cycle that wasn’t serving my body or my overall wellbeing.

I’ve learned that if you keep doing the same thing you’ve always been doing — you’ll always get the same results. Even though I know I feel better when I exercise, I would make excuses. Exercise provides mental clarity and keeps me relaxed and feeling strong. Still, even my regular workout in the past happened about 2 times a week — something I justified because of my busy schedule and being a mom of twins. Committing to BARREbeat radically changed the rhythm of my past workout routines (with everything from crossfit to HITT to yoga!). For the first time since high school dance classes, I wasn’t bored! Maybe it’s because there are so many different type of classes to choose from at BARREbeat. Maybe it’s because I encountered an amazing tribe of women who quickly became my friends. On top of all that, dancing is my happy
place — not something I feel is a chore, like running.

When I served in the military, I learned that although running really isn’t my jam, when forced to to it regularly, it became easier — almost enjoyable. I’ve never experienced that euphoric runner’s high, but I’ve definitely felt something similar while dancing.

During the 21-day BARREbeat challenge in January, I was motivated to dig in. The challenge (coupled with the fact that I knew I’d soon be shooting a television pilot) gave me the inertia to do something I’ve never done before: I decided to work out every day — sometimes twice a day! To my surprise, once I made exercise a priority it wasn’t only easy to stay in motion, but enjoyable to dial in to my busy daily routine. For 17 days, I worked out every day — sometimes multiple times a day — and I felt incredible. On day 18, an old injury resurfaced and I fell, fracturing my knee while walking, of course, in heels. The worst part (besides the pain and initial bedridden period) was not being able to work out and enjoy the momentum I had created.

My injury stopped me in my tracks. And here’s what I learned:

Working Out Daily Changed More Than My Body — it changed my mind.

I was happier and in a better mood, I had more sustained energy throughout the day, and I even slept better, even though I often woke up earlier. I was having fun and, to my surprise, quickly able to integrate workouts into my everyday schedule because I had made it a priority.

Starting over yet again is hard. Those first classes are like a first run, difficult at the beginning but easier after each attempt. And Killer Kandyce is an amazing instructor who will quickly whip you into shape. Once you’ve committed to working out regularly, your body will grow stronger and more fit, ready to be pushed even further. Plus, you’ll feel great after.

At BARREbeat I’ve also made amazing new friends! It’s more than just working out that I miss. I’ve forged new friendships and connected with like-minded women, and I miss them! It’s great to find a supportive community that can connect you with so many amazing classes and opportunities for social fun, like Barre to Bar and date night. My knee is slowly getting better and I can’t wait to get back! But if you’re thinking about taking the plunge, challenge yourself to the new $49 BARREbeat member special and see how much you fall in love when you keep your body in motion.