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Barre Burn is a 60 minute full body workout combining elements of ballet, pilates, cardio, and yoga. It is a total body workout that burns fat and creates lifted and toned seats, slimmer thighs, flat abs, and toned arms. Within 60 minutes, you will combine heavy repetitions, isometric holds, low impact cardio, followed by a deep stretch that will create long lean bodies. You will leave this class feeling accomplished and ready to power on throughout the rest of your day.


Dance Beat Burn is a 60 minute high intensity dance cardio class. In this class the mood is set with dim lighting and the best and latest music pumping through loud speakers. The setting is a club like atmosphere where you can really let loose and let all your inhibitions go. You will have a blast shaking and twerking through the 45 minute cardio groove, followed by 15 minutes of focused core strength and booty work using ankle weights. You have never had this much FUN in a workout!


Barre Beat fusion is 60 minute class combining Dance Beat Burn and Barre Burn. During this class you will have 30 minutes of high intensity dance cardio, followed by 30 minutes of focused toning and tightening of your muscles. In this class you will sweat and sculpt leaving having accomplished a total body workout!

BARREbeat Total Body Burn

BARREbeat Total Body Burn is our own signature 45 minute class that will push you to your limits! This class will give you a full body workout using bands, gliders, and weights, and push you through basic plyometric movement as well as Hip Hop moves Tabata style! This class will be sure to leave you sweating from head to toe all while rocking out to a jamming playlist! *SNEAKERS REQUIRED


BARREsculpt is a full body toning class utilizing the ballet Barre, bands and body weight.  It combines balance, core strength and sculpting exercises to promote long lean muscles and improved posture.  At the end of class you will use bands to stretch and lengthen muscles for improved flexibility and range of motion leaving you feeling stronger and standing just a little taller than when you arrived. This class is suitable for all ages. *GRIP SOCKS REQUIRED.


BARREbeat SWEAT is a mixture of Dance, Cardio Kickboxing, and Body Sculpting! You get it all within this 45 minute class! This class keeps you moving and SWEATING for 45 minutes straight…. While having SO MUCH FUN! *SNEAKERS REQUIRED

BARREbeat Club Cardio

“Where every class is a party” Club Cardio takes the “work” out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. Featuring EDM & Latin rhythms with easy to follow moves. Club Cardio keeps everyone motivated by creating a dance party atmosphere. This 50 min class is a high energy, all cardio workout that will have you sweating, smiling and having fun!