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How To Not Start Over This Summer

By July 11, 2019Blog

Summer is a great time to get away. The kids are out of school and the usual routine is
often scrapped for the luxury of sleeping in, slipping — sometimes altogether ditching —
schedules, and vacating to sandy crystal blue beaches. Unfortunately, all of that
well-deserved and much-needed decompression can come with a few unintended side
effects, like falling out of the shape you’ve worked so hard to get into.
Even if you’re staycationing this summer — you’re not immune! Maybe it was easy to
get yourself to BARREbeat when it was part of your daily drop-the-kids-off at school
routine. Now that you aren’t pushing them out the door, it might be harder. Although
it’s literally impossible to get to BARREbeat in the flesh when you’re an airplane ride
away, don’t fret. Here are some tips to keep you in tip-top shape — even if you find
yourself sipping Mai Tai’s in Kauai.

1) Walk it out

Fitness watches are a hit among BARREbeat tribe members. Many of us like to
compare how many calories we’ve touched with studio owner and founder Killer
Kandace and all of the amazing BARREbeat instructors. Even if you’re away,
keep track of your daily activity. While on vacation, set a goal for yourself that
will be fun to complete — like getting 10,000 steps. If you get them while
sightseeing amazing places or strolling along the beach, you won’t even notice,
but your body will thank you.

2) Feed your body

By all means, enjoy your vacation! But also listen to your body. How do you feel
after an evening of overindulging on less-than-healthy food or lots of alcohol?
We all have those days and times when we just want to indulge — totally
understandable. Try to find ways to feed your body with nutrient-dense food.
Maybe a delicious fresh-pressed juice or healthy protein smoothie. Supplements
can also be your friend if your nutrition has gone on summer vacation. If you’re
heading out of town, be sure to take the supplements you’ll need to fuel, refresh
and restore your body.

3) Stretch

Stretching feels great, especially when you’re sore! If you’re used to working out
daily, this can make a huge difference by helping your muscles recover and
allowing you to return to your practice even stronger than when summer began.
If you have a yoga mat or foam roller — great. If not, use the floor and your
hands. Or, even better — lay out your towel, grab a spot on the sand and stretch
it out!

4) Sketch your schedule

Although you may have scrapped your usual schedule and routine for summer,
setting a goal for your self-care exercise routine can make all the difference.
Maybe your goal is to make it to two barre classes, one yoga class and a dance
class each week. On Sundays, sketch out a light schedule with at least those
classes already committed in your calendar. Log into the BARREbeat App and
register for the classes in advance. You’re much more likely to hit your goal if
you commit to scheduling classes on the calendar ahead of time.

5) Get Social

Summer is also one of the best times to introduce new friends to BARREbeat.
Your friends will thank you for how great they feel after class! As an added
bonus, if they have young kids out of school for the summer, discovering the
child play area might be exactly what they need to maintain their own self-care
fitness routine. So schedule a coffee catch-up and hit the barre, mat or
dancefloor with your bestie!